1. Kick
2. Snare
3. Hi-Hat
4. Tom 1
5. Tom 2
6. Tom 3
7. Electronics
8. Spare channel 
9. Stage Left Mono Keys 1 (Sub Bass) (Direct In)
10. Stage Left Mono Keys 2 (Full Range Synth) (Direct In)
11. Bass Guitar (Direct In)
12. Electric Guitar (Direct In)
13. Stage Right Vox
14. Center Vox
15. Stage Left Vox
16. Drum Vox

17. Stage Right Stereo Keys (Left Channel) 

18. Stage Right Stereo Keys (Right Channel) 

*We connect all instruments (except drums) to a split snake which is connected to Qu-Pac mixer. We do NOT provide drum mics/cables. We customize our own in-ear mixes.

*We provide all vocal mics, along with their stands and cables.


Booking: Bryan Banschbach, aka "Zack Fresh" (812) 290-6892 zackattackband90@gmail.com